Bob Schneider

Bob Schneider and I have been making music together since 1993, from the tag team frontmen of the Ugly Americans to the Scabs, Lonelyland, Bob Schneider band and the Texas Bluegrass Massacre. One of the hardest working musicians and artists I’ve ever met, relentless and inspirational and determined to entertain at all costs.

The Resentments

The Resentments continue the longest running residency in Austin, Texas, every Sunday night at the Saxon Pub for 21 years and running.Scrappy Jud Newcomb, myself, John Chipman, Miles Zuniga and Jeff Plankenhorn live and breathe songs because we have to.

Johnny Nicholas

Johnny Nicholas is a bad MF, with a whiskey voice and and a scorpion for a guitar, he is the deep delta blues. I’ve been a playing with Johnny since producing his “Future Blues” Album back in 2010.

Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Crazy World of Arthur Brown is an earth-wide psychedelic phenomenon, driven by the wildly charismatic God of Hellfire, Arthur Brown. 

Poi Dog Pondering

Poi Dog Pondering, started by wandering minstrel Frank Orrall in Hawaii in the mid 80’s, was initially a group of acoustic street musicians. I joined up in late ’87, and as the band blossomed into 5 6 7 8 and more people, we traveled the world nonstop, making big tender stroke love music, four records, and a lifetime of friendship until the band halved and moved to Chicago in late ’92. 30+ years later and 10+ records, we still record and play together when possible, and I imagine we always will.

Sly Curtis

Sly Curtis are 13 strong musicians who celebrate the revolutionary joy of Sly Stone and Curtis Mayfield. At One-2-One the last Tues. of every month.